Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear God,

Scratch that last letter. I've figured it out, thanks to this guy.

Next question:

Why did you create the soy bean?





Courtney said...

Dear Angie,

I met you then fiance, now husband, Mark when he worked in Indy last summer. He struck me as a fine fellow. I could have only imagined he picked a lovely girl. I've read your blogs (this one being my favorite I think) and I am a fan.

A big fan.

Can I keep reading?



(PS. I always enjoy the word verifications that we have to type in order to leave comments. I think you'd enjoy knowing that I had to spell "tirsle" in order to leave this comment.)

Courtney said...

oh and forgive my typo. :(

you -- your

Courtney said...

i am going to BYU'Idaho. I'll be down to visit provo pretty we shall have to meet someday. Are you guys in provo? (I could actually read your profile and figure that out...but i'm lazy...)